About Us

We are the premier provider of knowledge through people empowerment. We believe people are why organisations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job will enable organisations to succeed. That is why we pride ourselves on offering acclaimed training courses that are well researched and follow the latest industry trends.

Opus is the latin word for business and Kinetic symbolises moving energy. Our logo comprises of the spiral – one of the oldest symbol known to man to symbolise the capturing of knowledge and growth.

Our Mission

We aim to empower you with knowledge, increase your business and inject into your company a dynamic new energy. We see ourselves as a fast moving business constantly researching new trends, developments and technology worldwide, and passing on this knowledge to eager minds.

Who We Are

We are a specialist of People and Possibilities. If organisations are reflected as reality, people are its growth engines. There are alternatives to organisations but none to people. Training is the catalyst that helps your people make a difference. With our strategic business courses consisting of bespoke training modules, excellence is a permanent promise.


We are headquartered in Singapore but our courses are held internationally. We work with renowned international trainers and ensure their expertise can be accessed globally.