We provide training courses and masterclasses for various disciplines including oil and gas, banking, ESG, business management, HR, IT Big Data, marine and offshore.

Here at Opus Kinetic, our courses are value for money as we ensure that we provide high quality trainers to teach well-researched courses. We take pride in training as we uphold and value organizational integrity.

While the prices of each course differ, we ensure top-notch quality in every training.

Our prestigious courses further equip you with extensive skill sets and contents you and your team needs to ensure maximization of output and productivity growth for the company.

Under the guidance of our world-class trainers, we have transformed not just the key players, but also their companies – with ROIs multiply by several-folds and large marginal increase.

Interested participants can sign up by for your desired courses by booking the number of seats you want and follow through the simply process of checking out. We will then reach out to you as soon as we can for more details of the participating delegates. Seats are limited and on first come first serve basis.


There are 3 steps after you check out.

1st Step: Select payment method and proceed. An email will be sent to you on the order received with the invoice.

2nd Step: Payment received. Your order will be turned to “processed” once we have verified your payment. We will contact you within 72 hours on the delegate(s) details.

3rd Step: Filling up delegates’ details. Once this is done, the order will be turned to “completed”.

For overseas clients, we accept direct bank transfer and Paypal.

For clients based in Singapore, you can pay by all 3 methods; Paynow, Paypal and direct bank transfer.

Currently, you cannot change the payment method after you have checked out.

You can email us with your request and we will assist accordingly.

You cannot delete orders. If you have made a mistake, just proceed with another order.

SKU is a unique code that starts with OKL + another 6 or 7 digits code.

You can take note of the SKU code to know exactly which training you are registering for.

Invoice number is the same as order number. It starts with OKS and a 10-digits number.

You can fill up the form at Contact Us or email to us at info@opuskinetic.com.

If you prefer to talk to us, you can call us at (+65) 6294 6415.

You can redeem it whenever you make purchases during checkout. There is no expiry! You can use any amount of points whenever you wish.

Every 100 points you have = $1 in discount.