Loading Master Certification

24 - 26 Apr 2024

20 seats

9:00AM - 5:00PM (GMT+8)



Availability: 7 slots

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This is a 3-day training course.  Oil Terminals should comply with all applicable international, national and local regulations, as well as their own policies and procedures. Similarly, Loading Masters and personnel operating at the oil terminal should be fully aware of the hazards of the petroleum products they are handling, the equipment involved, as well as emergency situations that may arise. Terminal management should provide a healthy and safe working environment and ensure that all operations are conducted with minimum impact on the environment whilst complying with the regulatory system in force and recognised industry codes of practice. If such hazards or emergencies occur, the terminal operators should be fully aware, ready and capable of initiating an initial response to mitigate the risks arising from any such emergency situation.

Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) by Maritime Authority of Singapore (MPA) may be applicable for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, depending on the seats availability. Please check with us by emailing your interest to jayden@opuskinetic.com

  • Demonstrate a full understanding of the International Rules/Regulations and Industry best practices for operations at bulk liquid terminals
  • Recognise the need for applying appropriate procedures for the handling, loading and discharging of bulk liquids onboard tank vessels
  • Learn updated international guidelines and regulations concerning tankers and terminals including physical properties and types of cargoes
  • Increase operational efficiency for oil storage and transport
  • Become aware of Quality & Quantity risk & loss, and learn prevention techniques
  • Improve compliance, operational and environmental performances
  • Apply a structured process of effective risk assessment and management to improve the safety performance of the terminal operation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ship and shore equipment and their use
  • Become a Master of Loading/ Unloading

This course is designed for anyone with immediate responsibility for loading, discharging and care in custody transfer or handling oil (Crude, Petroleum Products) cargoes. Personnel in port management, terminal operations, port policy, nautical operations and shipping management could find it beneficial.
Other related job titles include:

  • Terminal Loading Masters
  • Terminal Marine Safety Operators
  • Vessel owners and operators
  • Surveyors
  • Marine superintendents

“This course met my expectation and I have learn and understood things which I wanted to learn. The Captain explained and made things easy to understand and absorb.”

Lionel Kee
Operation Technician

“I have learn alot during this 3 days that will help me to do my job better. Understanding more about the vessels equipment and restrictions is really important. I’m glad that i decided to take up this course.”

Mohamad Khair B Suwandi
Senior Operation Technician

I have a better understanding of the scope of work by loading master and the various difficulties and challenges faced.

Jahger Hussain B Jahabar
Deputy Manager, Fuel Handling

“Meeting my expectation”

Jaacob Nyalong
Loading Master

Recommended to have experience in the oil, gas and marine industry handling or managing loading and discharging of crude and petroleum cargo transfer.

Certificate of Attendance
  • Attend at least 75% of the LIVE sessions
  • Complete at least 75% of all exercises
Certificate of Competency
  • Attain certificate of attendance
  • Pass the final assessment